Child Rapist Raped By 20 Prisoner Got Treated by Doctors and Re-raped By Prisoners Again

A man from Brazil seemingly met his karma of raping his young step child as he got raped by his prison mates that caused him to have lacerations, wounds that needed immediate medical treatment.
Taguatinga, Brazil – A 25-year-old Brazilian Jujitsu instructor named Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier was jailed for turning himself in after confessing to the authorities his sins of raping and killing his own eight-month old step-son named Miguel Star. His name made rounds to the internet before due to a report that at his 30-day incarceration, he got brutally raped by his fellow inmates on prison for 20 times. The reaction to his fate inside the prison sparked debates as some thinks he deserves it while some still condemns the “barbaric” justice given to him by his inmates…
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