Liberals Try To Kill Defenceless Cat Claiming it Looked Like ‚Hitler‘

A defenceless cat with unique markings was beaten to the brink of death by deranged liberals who thought it looked like Hitler.
The cat, named Baz, had distinctive black markings on its fur making it look like the Nazi dictators infamous moustache.The cat was discarded and left for dead in a bin while clinging to life, he was also left with such severe injuries he lost his left eye. Owner Kirsty Sparrow, 26, says her cat was targeted by anti-nazi’s who targeted him because of his likeness to Hitler.The Mirror reports: But five months on black and white Baz has been nursed back to full health and is now brave enough to venture back outside thanks to his caring neighbours.Kirsty, from Tredworth, Glos., said: „His eye has completely healed over and he is quite a lot heavier than he was. A lot of people say he looks like Hitler but he is so timid and gentle…
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